Highlands Heart to Heart – First Edition

Welcome to Heart to Heart, the first official vlog from Georgia Highlands College.  That’s right, I didn’t say blog; I said vlog because the medium is video.  We have designed this to be a form of interpersonal communication that will allow viewers and readers to respond to issues and topics of interest to the entire GHC community.  This format will allow us the opportunity to better examine various topics in small segments through an open discussion in a traditional blog structure.  Some of our topics will include leadership and changes the college currently faces.  We will also talk about the nuts and bolts of issues concerning budgets, enrollment, and performance measures. Success factors, both relating to students and faculty and staff, will be highlighted.  We will include human issues, things like relationships, along with community-based topics. We all know that storytelling is the best way to communicate and through this vlog we will tell the story of Georgia Highlands College. We have a lot of success stories that need to be told.

Renva Watterson, Interim President of Georgia Highlands College